Summer Fun!

by admin on June 1, 2011

Although it’s not officially summer until June 21st, it is certainly beginning to heat up around New York. It’s the time of year when we head out doors, and it’s great to have some fun and easy activities to keep the younger ones busy.

The following crafts are some tried and true favorites. Make them now, and you will have them around all summer!



It is super easy to make a bunch of these at once. And the squishy fun that ensues is both entertaining for kids and adults alike.

tic tac


This quick sewing project is great in both form and function. Once made, it can be tossed in any beach bag, and at the ready to dry off wet ones or have as a go to game. Inventing game pieces can also be an additional activity, shells, rocks, leaves….



The more advanced making project from this group, it’s worth it to see the delight in a kid’s eye. Having made many variations of this for gifts over the years, I have even seen some adults a little envious of their kids. The best is to see a kid take off in one, which makes the time spent making it priceless.

What are your summer projects that you love making and sharing?

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