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by admin on April 27, 2011

The cover of our May issue, shot by Ditte Isager, features two projects from our poppies story from the issue, which was a big collaboration between our crafts, style, garden, and food departments. Our idea was to take inspiration from the many varieties of poppies—Oriental, which includes an unbelievable range of colors and types, most of which have black or brown centers; and Icelandic, which are somewhat smaller and have white and pale-green centers. Poppies are my favorite flower of early summer, and I loved developing these crafts—I tried to keep the projects simple but also closely inspired by the real thing. Below are how-to images for the two techniques on the cover, block-printed table linens and handmade silk poppies. The printing technique is similar to this one, but even simpler because instead of hand-carved blocks, it uses kids’ craft foam cut with scissors, and clear Plexiglas blocks for easy printing, no registration needed. I love how the print retains the brushstrokes and looks so much like real poppy petals.


The silk poppies are made with lengths of raw-edged dupioni silks, and bits of trim and colored buttons, intended to mimic the beautiful centers of the real flowers. You can see more of the story here—and the entire May issue is available on the iPad.

The Crafts Dept.

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