D.I.Y.Y. Mohair presentation

by admin on July 27, 2011

Last week I went to an incredible presentation at Spinexpo, which was created by the amazing Lidewii Edelkoort and her company Trend Union in a collaboration with Mohair South Africa. Yes, we’ve all happily watched (and participated), as knitting and crocheting have gained more momentum again, yarn stores are popping up everywhere, knitting groups are forming. But somehow this presentation took it to yet another level, as it embraced the raw creativity. wild looking one of a kind pieces and materials, and an approach which is just plain imaginative and innovative – the more unfinished and exotic a piece looks, the better. Mohair is obviously perfect for that, as the yarn is fuzzy yet soft and takes dye beautifully for bright colors yet is gorgeous with its luscious sheen left natural. Both are color trends pointed out during this presentation. It was also interesting to learn more about Mohair and the new revival it is going through. Did you know that most mohair, and the best quality mohair, comes from South Africa !? You can read more about mohair here, and more about the presentation at trendtablet.com … and while you’re there, read more, dig deeper, as this company is incredibly inspiring and is now, thanks to their amazing website, accessible to everyone.

I can’t decide if I’m more inspired by the bright colors and patterns of the piece above ….


… or the beautiful natural shades and textures of these ….

… but luckily I don’t need to decide. I can just go ahead, pull out the many many yarns I have left over in various colors, materials, textures, and start knitting and embroidering and braiding and crocheting … all at once, all in one piece. And it will be beautiful, inspiring, emotional ….. can’t wait. Hope you have fun with it as well.

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